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At Heartstone, our
goldens are our family

Our Story

Heartstone Goldens is a small, hobby based kennel in northwestern Connecticut, formerly in western Massachusetts. Nancy Engelbrecht, founder of Heartstone Goldens, has been a lover of all animals since she was a little girl. She gained a love and affection for dogs during her childhood and having them as pets in her youth. In 1999, Nancy and her family adopted their first golden retriever, Layla, and fell in love with the breed. Soon after, in August of 2000, the Engelbrecht family brought home 8-week-old puppy, Brenna, and have enjoyed the love and company of golden retrievers ever since. Since Layla, the Engelbrecht's have had a total of 23 wonderful Goldens come through their home! Nancy enjoys the company of her goldens and spending time with them at Highland Lake in Winsted, CT. 

We want to help you find your "heart dog"

First and foremost, all of our goldens are a part of our home and are members of our family. We believe in a firm "share-the-bed-share-the-couch-cuddling" policy! As pet owners, we know there is nothing quite like the love of a dog, and we foster our connection with our pets day-in and day-out. Currently, we are active in conformation and rally. Our goal is to have fun with our dogs! This includes hiking, swimming, walking, and playing, along with agility, rally, conformation and obedience--whatever excites them! We are aware that every dog has different enjoyments and believe in encouraging them all, whatever that may be! We find that it is so much fun to connect with your dogs through training because it strengthens your bond. 

Heartstone breeding goldens all have their health clearances for hips, elbows, hearts, and eyes in order to ensure the healthiest golden puppies possible. Our goal is to have puppies that perform well in any activiy, but most importantly to be treasured companions for their families. Our golden counterparts are our best friends and protectors, and we are their leaders, loves, and their who their worlds revolve around - we owe it to them to be worthy of such indesputable loyalty and devotion! 

Our Philosophy


The Engelbrecht's

Breeding Program

The goal for Heartstone's breeding program is to produce beautiful golden retrievers that adhere to the golden retriever breed standards in every way. This includes body type and temperament, among other specific qualities. Currently, we breed one litter per year. All of our breeding dogs are listed on K9 Data and have all of their clearances completed (which includes hips, elbows, eyes and heart). Our desire is to help you find your "heart dog"; the companion that touches your heart and fills you with love, warmth and joy for their entire lifetime!

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