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Heartstone FAQ

Please review our frequently asked questions prior to contacting us about puppies or for more information!

  • When is your next upcoming litter?
    Litters entirely depend on our breeding program & a successful breeding. We can make no guarantees of future litters! Please reach out to inquire about current breedings.
  • Do you have older / retired dogs available for adoption?
    No, we do not have older dogs available for adoption. We do not place our retired show or breeding dogs. They are part of our family and live with us for life! These dogs are hard to find, you could try a rescue group for an adult dog. We encourage you to adopt from accredited Golden Retriever rescue organizations or research other breeders that may have older dogs available.
  • Will you sell a puppy to become a service dog?
    Heartstone Goldens puppies are not sold to organizations or families in order to become service dogs. While we highly respect this important job, it is not within our realm of expertise. We do know breeders who will sell puppies to become service dogs and are happy to pass along their information to interested parties.
  • What is the price of a Heartstone puppy?
    Please navigate to our "About" page to download a copy of our current Puppy Application. The application includes our current puppy pricing. The price is not negotiable.
  • If I email you, am I automatically on the waitlist for a puppy?"
    No. We do not keep an active waitlist of puppy families, and interested families are not "in numerical order" of when they inquire. Heartstone chooses families based on their applications, requirements for a puppy, and availability of a puppy. If you submit an application or send us an email, and we do not currently have a litter available, please continue to reach out with your interest every few months so we know you are a serious inquiry. At this time we expect 1 to 2 litters of puppies a year, ranging from 1 to 12 puppies per litter. We receive many inquiries every month, and we are unable to satisfy every interested family! If you have serious interest in a Heartstone puppy, please ensure that your interest is known via email.
  • Why haven't I heard back from you via email?
    Are you one of the many families who are interested in bringing a new puppy to your home? We are so happy for you, and hope to find you a great match! If you are interested in a puppy and we are NOT currently accepting applications, please be patient! Please email us once again with interest near the time we expect our next litter. Continued interest will keep you fresh on our minds for our next litter! If you are interested in a puppy, and we are currently accepting applications, please submit your application promptly. Continue to reach out every few weeks with serious interest. We will contact you if your application has been approved and there is a puppy available for you.
  • I want to be on your waiting list / how far am I on your waiting list?
    We do not have a traditional waitlist for families: you are submitting an application to be chosen as one of our puppy families. We make note of interest, and determine if your family is a great fit for a Heartstone puppy based on your application. There are many factors that go into choosing families for our puppies. If you are interested in a Heartstone puppy, please email us your interest! If we are not accepting applications, please continue to email us with your interest during our next expected breeding period.
  • I only want a male/female puppy. Can you guarantee I'll get what I request?
    If your application has been accepted, and we have an available puppy in the gender you request, we will let you know before accepting your deposit. We cannot guarantee we have enough male or female puppies to satisfy families until they are born.
  • Do you let us choose our own puppy?
    No, Heartstone will choose the puppy for you. This is standard protocol for professional breeding programs. We ensure the puppy has the appropriate temperment for your family dynamic.
  • Will you email us if you have a current litter available?
    We will email families we have chosen to offer puppies to when our next litter has arrived. Heartstone receives many inquiries every month for puppies. The average Golden litter has 8 puppies, so we do not email every family that has inquired, as we cannot satisfy every family with a puppy. If you have a serious inquiry, please continue to connect with us!
  • How long do I have to wait until your next litter is available?
    Litters can be unpredictable! While we can expect and perform a breeding, we can never guarantee a breeding will be successful. We do not have a waitlist, but keep a log of interested families. Please continue to check back with us about future litters.
  • We see the month/season of your next expected litter on your website. When should we inquire if we are interested in this breeding?
    Send us an email right away to submit your interest in this breeding. State your names, if you've had prior goldens in your home, your family dynamic, housing situation, and any pertinent information you think we should know. Aproximately one month prior to our expected litter (if expected in the fall, please email us in August. If expected in the spring, please email us in March, etc.), send us another email with your completed puppy application and remind us you had emailed us previously.
  • We want to adopt 6mo / 1 year / + from now. What's your availability?
    Your guess is as good as ours! :) We plan breedings based on our females' cycles, but we cannot guarantee. Please check back with us closer to those timeframes.
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