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Heartstone's Rocky Mountain High

Denver doodle is a spunky gal who loves to cuddle! She was born to Sunday on April 11, 2014. Denver is by far one of the most affectionate and sweet pups we have ever had. She deeply desires to be like her big sisters and brother, and has energy for days! Denver would stay outside playing in her yard all day, every day, if she could, and she loves to explore, take adventures, and play in the mud! She loves bouncing through the snow, but loves coming inside for a treat even more! Denver is a retired Mama in our Heartstone crew.



Heartstone's Out of the Blue

Whoa baby, it's Navy! This little gal is quite the firecracker of a pup with lots of energy and love to give! Navy is the daughter of Cruise, and just as affectionate as her dad! She loves playing with her Aunty Denver. To Navy, nothing is better than frolicking around in the snow and chasing her beloved tennis ball in the backyard.





Heartstone's Jumping for Joy


Dog Treats in Bowl


Remembering our Goldens

We keep our goldens of years past near and dear to our hearts. Our family deeply understands the grief of losing a beloved pet, but know that the love they give for their short lives drastically outweighs the sadness of their passing. We have been blessed to be the humans to so many wonderful animals and we miss them all dearly. The time they spent in our homes was full of cherished memories, and know that they continue to send fur-babies to our home to love. 

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