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The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog


"Layla Belle" 1993-2008

Little did we know that when Layla was brought to our home, she would start a family adoration of Goldens! She arrived with us when she was almost 2 years old, and was as feisty as her red coloring suggested. Layla was a bundle of fun and loved chewing on bones and tugging on her chew toys and ropes. She knew how to play rougher with Dad and be kind and gentle to our daughters when they were younger. She was independent yet loved deeply. Loryn and Layla had a beautifully special bond, and she enjoyed sleeping at her bedside. Playing with the many puppies that joined our family kept her youthful spirit alive; she lived to be a grand 15 years old. Our daughters grew up with Layla and and was truly a part of our family. She is still missed terribly and will always be known as our big red girly!



Sunny was adopted as a puppy and was one of the sweetest, most kind hearted pets we ever had. She was inherently caring and loved laying under our dining room table with her head resting on the chair legs! One of our favorite things about Sunny was that she knew basic commands (such as sit, lay down, and stay) in Spanish-- we loved practicing those commands with her! Her best friend was her sister Brenna, and our favorite memories of Sunny are when we took her and her siblings to Salisbury Beach to play in the ocean! Her little life was cut short due to Lyme's Disease and we miss her so dearly still. Love you always, Sunny!!

Colby James

2004 - 2012

Colby James was rescued and brought to our home in 2004. We were blessed with a handsome, easy-going and adventurous boy! He was our explorer, and loved to venture into the woods around our home, sniffing everything he could. Colby loved the water, and simply floating around, chomping on fallen leaves. Most likely you could find him with a bone or two (or three or four!) in his mouth, and many others in his special bone hiding place behind our living room recliner. Colby loved to relax in the grass and sunshine, and play with the young puppies. We will never forget how he danced for his food, had tons of extra wrinkly skin around his face, and drooled all over the place, on everything and everyone! He was so calm on a leash and loved taking walks wherever he could with his best friend, Loryn. Everyone who met him will remember his sweet, lovable personality, his big, kind eyes and how he always gave his paw to people he loved. We love you forever and ever, Colby James!


Smokey Hill's CO Rocky Mountain Timber,
2006 - 2014

We are terribly saddened by the loss of our boy, Timber, in May 2014 of lymphoma. Timber was as sweet as can be and loved his Mom more than anything in the world. Timber and Nancy had a very special bond after he took care of her while she going through breast cancer treatment. It is very telling that she took care of him while he was going through chemo himself. He was incredibly loyal to his family and had a very silly, happy personality. He loved to cuddle right on top of anyone he met and adored licking their faces. Timber loved playing outside with his brother & sisters and chewing on bones. We have lost a friend and surely will remember the beautiful memories we had with Timber. Mommy loves you forever, Timber!


Sunfire's Morningstar Brenna
1999 - 2015

Brenna was the matriarch of our Golden home for so many years. She was the first Golden we had since puppyhood, and was an absolute delight for her entire life with us. She had a beautiful, sensitive disposition and loved giving affection. Right up until her passing at 1 month shy of her 16th birthday, Brenna's favorite pastimes were playing with her beloved tennis ball, running outside with her Golden family, and cuddling on the couch with her Dad. She had an incredibly youthful spirit and definitely never acted her age! We were so very fortunate to have Brenna in our lives for as long as we did. She passed away peacefully and quietly in her Dad's arms surrounded by her family. We miss her dearly every day but know she is watching out for us. 


Heartstone's Autumn's Faithful Angel
2004 - 2016

Our happy girl Faith unexpectedly left our home & this world in August 2016. As the daughter of Brenna and Colby, she was the first puppy ever born to Heartstone Kennels and the first puppy born in our home! Faifers spent her entire life, from beginning to end, as a part of our family. She was fiercely independent and calm, preferring to keep to herself. She loved sleeping at the end of anyone's bed, on the floor, or on the back the couch. Faith was very maternal, loved playing and caring for the puppies, was wild about food and loved to trim her own nails. Her most favorite snacks were ice cubes from the freezer! She was the leader of our golden pack after Brenna and we miss her terribly. Thank you, Faith, for all your loyalty and love!


Heartstone's California Dreamer Girl
2005 - 2017

Cali, daughter of Brenna, was the spitting image of her Mama and loves playing with the tennis ball just as much as Brenna did. Cali was a ray of sunshine and extremely affectionate, cuddly, and loving. She loves to be constantly pet and is very protective of her family. Our favorite quirk of Cali's is when she stares into your eyes like she's staring into your soul! She loves deeply and forever. Cali may be little, but she sure was feisty, fun, and beautiful! One of her favorite activities was taking long walks with Loryn. She passed away suddenly of cancer with her family by her side. Words can't express how much she is missed by us all. We love you always, Cali!

Sunday was the "mommy" of the house and always loved taking care of her puppies! She was a ball of energy and loved to run and leap like a gazelle all around the yard. Sunday tried many careers over her lifetime, but she loved being a Mama the best. Sunday was a soft, gentle girl with a heart of gold. More than anything, she loves swimming in the lake and diving under water to fetch her toys. Sunday adored cuddling with her family, especially during her favorite time of day - bed time! After a battle with a seizure disorder towards the end of her life, we lost sweet Sunday on Christmas Eve 2019. We are happy to know she is free of pain, but miss her more than words can say. We love you Sunday!


Gabriel's Golden Day in the Sun, CGC, CCA
2009 - 2019

Champion Cruise was strong like a bull & had more charm than any prince! Cruise had lots of happy attitude, charisma, and was a total cuddle bug. He loved playing tug with his chew toys and laying on the cool bathroom floor. Cruise loved playing with his doggy family outside in the yard, especially his best pal/little sister, Denver. Nancy & Cruise became a certified therapy dog team in October 2014. He was so loving to those he meets - we're so proud of him and miss him so very much!

CH Heartstone's Commotion on the Ocean,
CGC, CCA, & Therapy Dog
2013 - 2023


We love our pack!

Each and every golden that has lived in our home has been a cherished member of our family. As much as we've felt the grief of loss, we are always blessed to have goldens in our home to love through the sadness. Click below to see the happy goldens who are currently part of our family pack! 

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