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*As of 12/9/20, we expect to have a little of puppies in the first half of 2021. We are not accepting applications at this time: please check back with us the spring of 2021!


Are you one of the many families who are considering a new puppy during the COVID-19 pandemic? You are not alone, and we are so happy for you! Heartstone Goldens, as are many breeders, is currently overwhelmed with inquiries about potential upcoming litters & may be unable to respond to each individual email or phone call. We appreciate your grace & patience! Please wait to email us about a puppy until we have updated this page with a potential breeding.

For all families with interest in puppies, we recommend that you carefully consider where your family will be in 3 to 4 months, when a potential puppy would be brought to your home. If your job situation changes (and you return back to work outside of the home), will you still have time to properly raise your new family member?


Bringing home a new puppy is a commitment for the lifetime of that dog! Please take this into consideration during your search for your next beloved pet. A well-bred golden is always worth the wait.

Upcoming Litters

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