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Litter - Spring 2015

Fun in the Sun!

July 12, 2015

Our pups just love being outside! At 6 weeks old, they are full of adventure and curiosity! We brought out a small kiddie pool filled with just a little water and let the pups splash around for the first time! They loved patting at the water with their little paws, and finding out they could jump out all on their own! Their big brother, Cruise, loved taking a turn, too! This made the pups even more curious about the new "toy". 

Little Loves at Home!

July 8, 2015

Our pups have made a switch to hanging out in the kitchen at the Engelbrecht home - they are so energetic and lively! The love to reach up on the gate asking to be held! They make noises to eachother and to us all day long - who can resist holding these cutie patooties? I know we certainly can't! 

3 Days Old!

June 2, 2015

We can't get enough of these little babies! Sunday is such a wonderful Mama: she is always cuddling and cleaning her babies! They are all growing and loving the attention they get from their human family. 

Heartstone: Party of 5!

May 30, 2015

Heartstone Goldens is extremely pleased to announce that Gabriel's Golden Day In the Sun "Sunday" welcomed 5 beautiful puppies this morning! We are so proud of her and absolutely in love with these beautiful babies! Both Mama and all her pups are doing wonderfully - we look forward to this journey with them! 

Beautiful mama!

May 22, 2015

Isn't Sunday just so beautiful? She radiates sunshine and grace. We truly think Sunday thrives at being a Mama and that it's her favorite "activity". Hard to believe she can look so happy while growing a little of puppies! Sunday can't get enough of being outside, especially with the weather being so gorgeous these past few weeks. Her favorite spot is on our back deck, lounging in the sun! She epitomizes her name, that's for sure! We can't wait to meet these pups!

Sunday is getting bigger!

May 17, 2015

Our beautiful Sunday is getting bigger by the day! Her "wings" are sticking out so much she looks like she's going to fly away! We are so proud of this amazing mama. Right now Sunday is very happy and sleeps frequently throughout the day. She has an extra appetite for treats, too! We can't wait to meet all the babies in a few weeks! 

Sunday is Pregant! Due Spring 2015!

May 1, 2015

We are beyond pleased to announce that Gabriel's Golden Day in the Sun "Sunday" is pregnant with another litter of puppies! We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of her pups in the weeks to come. If you are interested in our availability or have questions about our breeding program, please contact Nancy! 

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